Life Post-Grad

Things have been so busy around here!  But, what’s new?  I apologize for my lack of time to post weekly, but you can definitely count on a monthly blog from now on!  🙂  As a disclaimer, this blog is meant to serve as a means to stay updated with my life for convenience purposes and…Read more »

Two Words

When word spread about the “Me too” campaign, I was glad to hear something was being done to shed awareness on the massive and complex issue of sexual violence. I knew nothing about it five years ago when I first came to college. But my stomach also churned. Experiencing sexual violence as a young, naive…Read more »

A Breath of Fresh Air

I don’t know where this past year went.  In between officially graduating, getting my car, raising my 2 baby pugs (yes, if you haven’t heard, I’m a dog mom now!), finishing a very full summer quarter, LSAT prep, applying to law schools, and moving… amongst other challenges this year has brought me… it would be…Read more »